Feed the beast in your belly

It’s no secret that the weird and the unusual sell better than the regular and normal.  And that theory has been tested to no greater effect than at possibly the most off the wall pop up in recent history, Feed the Beast: Eat Your Heart Out 2013.

Hosted by the infamous Miss Cakehead, visitors to the East London attraction will be treated to a rather shocking sight that will confuse as well as titillate.

Have you ever seen a cake that leaves you feeling both repelled and hungry all at once?  Miss Cakehead has gone and done it again and devised a range of quite hideous cakes that are either dripping with corn syrup blood or covered in sugared stitches.

And if all that nightmare cake eating has left you thirsty, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a Kraken run cocktail or two.

This is an excellent example of a partnership being formed between an entrepreneurial pop up shop with a more mature bricks and mortar establishment.  The pop up can use the reputation of the permanent residence and perhaps their marketing budget to aid their footfall.  The bricks and mortar shop in turn gets a new clientele.

Make sure you get yourself down to The Rag Factory on Heneage Street just off Brock Lane between 25 – 27 October.  And the best news is that it’s one of those rare London Halloween events that are free to enter!  A great opportunity to take home some terrifying treats for your own Halloween party.

Are you planning your own spooky pop up event this Halloween?  Or perhaps you have your sights on another special event to arrange your temporary shop around?  Get in touch with the team at Popupspace and take advantage of our location sourcing service.  Maybe we will be able to find you a spooky space to settle…



Sarah James, Popupspace

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Visit the Hackney Heart pop up cafe

Deep in the heart of the newly rejuvenated Hackney town centre, the newest pop up space in the area has recently opened its doors to some excited members of the public.

The Hackney Heart Cafe is situated on Narrow Way and will be open from September to December this year, serving delights such as food and drink to Hackney shoppers who want to take the weight off their feet.

But it’s not just an exciting new eatery.  The Hackney Heart pop up will also be an art gallery, showcasing samples from local talent.  You’ll also be able to purchase locally design furniture, clothes and craft items.

The aim is to give a platform to local designers and makers from across East London and to form a new venue or people of visit, socialise and communicate in.

The organisers promise lots of local produce, including honey and coffee, cakes and other food.  A great way to stock up on your Christmas shopping, or maybe just a little gift for yourself.

For more information get in touch with Hackney Heart at hello@hackneyheart.com or visit their website.

If the Hackney Heart cafe has inspired you to launch your own pop up shop, restaurant or gallery space or would like to find out more about what’s involved, get in touch with us at Popupspace.  Benefit from our experience, as well as our range of property services on offer.  You never know, you could be the owner of the next pop up cafe in your area…



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Trick or Treat!

Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes all the ghosts and ghouls and scary stories that we expect.  In the UK Halloween has always been a bit of fun, but it’s never been as big a deal as in the US.  Each year adults and children celebrate on the 31st October extending the holiday to a full on tradition like Valentine’s Day and Firework Night.

Our American counterparts go all out, celebrating the spooky season with huge parties, Trick or Treating and haunting costumes that would put us to shame.  But apparently they have also been leading the way with Halloween themed pop up shops that sell scary masks, fake blood and vampire capes.

Just like on Christmas Eve, when panicked shoppers are desperately seeking last minute gifts, and on some occasions Christmas trees and turkeys, haunted revellers are raiding the handy pop up shops to populate their parties and get togethers.

Pop up shops in general in the US have increased year on year, and in Los Angeles their numbers grew from 2039 to 2459, with spooky Halloween themed shops accounting for nearly half of those in that city alone.

In fact, pop up shops have been booming in America for quite some time.  They have long been enjoying the obvious benefits of the temporary lets, including lower rents and flexibility.  Ideal for Halloween – pumpkins don’t last forever you know!

Have you been inspired by this story?  Do you have an idea for a unique way of celebrating a traditional occasion?  Maybe a Christmas market or a community New Year get together?  Visit our website and get in touch.  Perhaps we could guide you through the early days of your plans when you use our location sourcing services.  If you dare…



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Discounts to get you on your way

Finances are often a major stumbling block when it comes to opening your own shop, even at the planning stages.  Thankfully it seems that local authorities have recognised this and are attempting to ease the strain on those planning on taking that leap of shop lease ownership.

Most recently Brighton council have introduced a scheme that offers significant discounts to retailers willing to take up temporary leases in shops that have been left empty for a long period of time, at a minimum of 6 months.  The Empty Property Occupation Discount will last for the first 6 months of the lease and will only be made available to smaller scale companies.

This is a huge step forward for independent traders as it encourages social enterprise in a useful way, easing the strain on the pockets of those wanting to contribute to the economy.

This type of scheme obviously not only helps traders but also the image of the local area.  After all, if commercial property is full, or near to full, then it makes visitors feel like that area is a place they would like to spend more time in.

Also, councils would rather get some money than no money from an empty commercial property, so with this scheme everyone wins.

For more information on the Empty Property Occupation Discount and to see if you qualify, check out the Brighton Council website.  And if you need any advice on opening your first pop up or temporary retail space, get in touch with us here at Popupspace.  We have a great deal of experience in this industry and offer a range of property relate services, including location sourcing.  So send us an email and we can talk more about how we can help you and your business.



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Another Popupspace success story

We talk a lot about how great pop up and other temporary shops are.  About how they can have positive effects on the community, on the small and emerging businesses themselves.  Here is one shining example of this fact – and from one of our own clients.

Petit Artisan opened their doors recently selling beautiful food and drink to the lucky town of Tonbridge Wells.  This area has proved ideal for shoppers, not just because of its massive retail traffic, but also because of its culture, local interest and thriving economic climate.

Petit Artisan joins a long running Tonbridge Wells history of pop up restaurants and cafes including Larry’s Place that serve traditional cuisine along with Mediterranean delights.  Then there’s Kent locals Chez Amelie, who opened their own living room to excite diners in the name of charity.

We provided location sourcing and lease negotiation services to Petit Artisan and we’re sure you will agree, this was a successful partnership.  If this story has inspired you to venture into the pop up property world, or maybe you are a seasoned pop up entrepreneur and would like to see how we at Popupspace can help take your business forward, get in touch.

We can help with selecting the right location for your target market, as well as those all important negotiations when it comes to a new commercial lease.  We take all the hard work out of it!


Sarah James, Popupspace

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Every Day is Fish & Chips Day in Penzance

Another exciting pop up Establishment is underway, this time in the seaside town of Penzance. Already extremely popular with the locals and holiday makers, fresh fish acquired off the Cornish shores is among the best in the country.

When we are being advised to give the popular species a break, cod especially, it is a welcome site to see such a huge array of different types of fresh fish to tempt us to be more adventitious with our cooking.

Mousehole Fish began trading this week on Crouse Corner in Penzance and will be there for the next 4 weeks. Co owner Miss Kane hope that it will turn into something more permanent. And after all, that’s what pop up shops are all about; helping start up businesses gain experience and test the market.

Miss Kane and her partner Mr Hedger have sever years of experience in the fishmonger industry and buy fresh fish direct from the boats as they come in. They also sell to local restaurants and pubs.

At the new Mousehole Fish Shop you will find everything you would expect from a fresh fish shop and more. They are selling red mullet and haddock, but they are also providing more unusual fare like the amazing spider crab claws. If you are passing and fancy a fish supper then you can catch Mousehole Fish 10am – 6:30pm, Monday – Saturday on Market Jew Street, Penzance.

So if you’ve been inspired by this fishy tale and think you can turn your hobby or passion into a pop up business, get in touch with Popupspace today. We can offer advice to start ups as well as an expert location sourcing service – everything you need to start your pop up adventure.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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The Pitch – Live

An exciting 14 hour entrepreneurial event will be held in the heart of Bristol on Wednesday 25th September. A 50 strong group of small local business owners will be selling their wares at this specially organized event which is intended to give a kick start to the local economy.

The Pitch Live is the brain child of the people behind the Business Zone website, who offer advice to both start ups and experienced business owners. Attendees of the event will also be able to get the same help and information from industry experts.

There is an entrance fee of £10 per person, but this will be refunded with Bristol Pounds that can be spent in the pop up shop ran by The Bristol Shop. They are predominantly an online retailer selling a huge selection of modern home wares, clothes and garden items that have been designed and made in Bristol.

We think this is an excellent idea for a pop up event and a great way to promote pop up retail spaces and the creativity that Bristol is currently producing. It makes the attendees feel involved and enthusiastic about supporting a project.

You can buy tickets in advance to The Pitch Live from their website. Don’t forget you get to exchange your entry fee for 10 Bristol Pounds! It starts at 9am until late at The Paintworks.

If you have a similar idea or have been inspired by this story get in touch with Popupspace. We offer location sourcing, as well as the opportunity to list your pop up requirements for free on our website.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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Cheer Up Clothing Pops Up

Us in the know are all aware of how awesome pop up shops and other spaces are.  They hold an array of possibilities for the independent retailer or event manager.

It isn’t surprising then that big name brands are also beginning to see the benefits.  They may have a string of bricks and mortar stores on most high streets in most towns but the pop up principle is allowing them to extend their reach even further.  Capturing potential custom in a new area also enables them to trial new ideas and product ranges before unleashing them on their regulars.

The latest brand to venture into the world of the pop up is Cheer Up Clothing.  They will appear at the prestigious BOXPARK venue in Shoreditch in London.  There for 7 days only between the 26th – 31st August, they will join an illustrious group of retailers who have featured at the world’s first ever pop up mall.

Cheer Up Clothing will be selling off their entire Spring and Summer clothing collection, as well as a range of their old favourites.  They encourage you to pop along and pick something up for your late holiday or summery weekends.

Maybe you are just starting out and need an outlet for your amazing wears, or perhaps like Cheer Up Clothing you want to take your idea to a brand new audience.  Whatever your reason, if this has inspired you to manage a pop up shop, get in touch with us at Popupspace.  We can put you in touch with some excellent contacts to get you on the right track.  As well as offering our excellent location sourcing expertise that takes the hard work out of finding the right place for you, we have a whole host of other services to set you off on the right footing.



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Charity Pop Ups Can Make a Difference

We all knew pop up shops where he way forward and the saviour of the high street, but who would have thought that they could really do some good?

Lyn Aaron-Ferringo from Worthing in Sussex has a daughter who suffers from the debilitating condition cerebral palsy.  Nine year old Zoe needed funds to be able to travel to Poland for a specialist 28 day course of physiotherapy.

The original plan was to collect and sell donated items at a car boot sale but was quickly inundated with stock and decided to take over a local empty shop.  Volunteers including friends and family, kept te shop open every day over the seven week period and eventually raised an amazing £12,000 for Zoe’s well deserved treatment.

This therapy will enable Zoe to spend time out of her chair and possibly walk on her own with support.  If you feel you would like to make a donation then check out their website therapyforzoe.webs.com

This isn’t the first time that a charity has popped up.  The PDSA has opened several pop up charity shops in the last couple of year.  Also, earlier this year chefs in Ryde opened a pop up restaurant where the firefighters from a local station waited on diners in aid of the Wessex Cancer Trust, Seeds4Change and the Firefighters Charity.  Serving local produce to hungry customers, they raised over £1,000.

If you run a charity and are looking for alternative ways of raising money and have been inspired by Lyn and her daughter’s story, maybe you could run a similar pop up event.  We are always happy to offer pop up advice where we can.  Alternatively, if you’re ready to go you can either register your shop requirements on our website or get in touch for details on our location sourcing service.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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Online to High Street

Times really are a changing.  It used to be that shopkeepers needed help to set up their stores online because, perhaps they were not particularly technology minded and websites were not as easy to set up as they are today.  Now you can have a great looking WordPress site with ecommerce up and running in a couple of hours with very little tech knowledge.

But making the transition from online seller to high street retailer can be just as much of a daunting prospect.  Until now you have been beavering away from the comfort of your own home, creating an online buzz.  But can you make it on the high street when you hear so many horror stories that would suggest you will fail?

It is often said that the cheap prices of online sellers has contributed to the struggling high street but it is becoming increasingly important to use both avenues for generating revenue and not to put all your eggs in one basket.  To reach a wider audience a more holistic approach is needed.

A pop up shop is an excellent way to test your market and dip your toes in the water.  However, many small businesses have made huge successes with temporary lettings and see this as an ideal alternative business model for their product.  Pop up shops represent a fresh approach, ever changing fashions, excitement and independence.  These qualities can only enhance your business.

If you’re in the early planning stages of the transition from online to high street and are considering a temporary shop to sell your wares then get in touch with Popupspace and we will be happy to offer our advice.  Alternatively if you are ready to pop up, register your requirements on our website and you could be on a high street near you sooner than you think.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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