How to give your business a PR boost

PRHaving a well-thought out PR plan can do wonders for your business and often means that you get a boost to your visibility without spending too much money.

It’s a great way to get a base of potential customers that you can further market to. The following ideas are the basics and trying out one or all of these ideas is enough to give your business a boost.

Online presence 

Most businesses will have a website, but if you don’t then this is one of the first things that you’ll need to set up.

Nowadays most people will consult the internet before considering any other option of trying to contact you, so ensuring you have a website set up will mean that you won’t lose potential customers.

The best way to set up a website is to hire a professional, but if you want something quick and easy try free software such as WordPress or Tumblr to get off the ground.

Having relevant social media accounts can also boost your presence online. Of course, you should only sign up if you have the time to update the accounts: there’s nothing worse than seeing a Facebook account that only has one sad and lonely post!

Team up

Consider partnering with another company to help expose yourself to another set of customers. You can set up competitions, give their customers special discounts, or have a display in their store in return for doing the same for your partner.

You can even partner with someone to do something as simple as securing a regular blogging spot on their website or a regular shout out on their social networks.

When partnering up with another company you should be mindful as to whether your potential partner will be relevant to your customers, and vice-versa.

Go above the line

There’s nothing wrong with doing a little offline marketing, so investing in some advertising in local papers or on the radio can do wonders for your business.

A pop up space can also be ingenious if you’ve got a new product you’d like to launch, or if you’d like to market your business in a new areas. It’s not as expensive as you may think and is a lot more interesting than regular advertising.

If you’ve been thinking of opening a pop up shop for PR purposes, then get in touch with us. We source property on demand so can find you the perfect space to boost your publicity.

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Social media: the new currency for pop ups?

marc-jacobs-LIt’s been announced that fashion designer Marc Jacobs is set to reward his social media followers with free goodies during the New York Fashion Week.

To coincide with the launch of his pop up store which is open from 7 – 9 February, every day he’ll give the best Instagram photo a free handbag.

A great way to get your hands on the expensive accessories. But should you follow suit and offer your stock in exchange for tweets and Instagram pics? It may seem like a worthless exchange, but it’s actually a clever idea.

Giving away key pieces of your merchandise during your pop up’s run is a great way of getting in business, or at least increasing your awareness online.

For decades businesses have been giving away their wares in the hope of luring back customers, and it works.

Your Twitter, Facebook and other social media followers are just as important as the customers that walk through your doors, especially if you’re a temporary venture or a pop up shop.

Enticing customers in through freebies and giveaways will strengthen your following, and build up buzz around your brand.

While you might not want to give away a very expensive handbag every day like Mr Jacobs, you can certainly consider giving away an exclusive discount during the run of your store, or other special goodies to reward your followers.

It’s especially convenient if your have followers all over the country; like the Marc Jacobs competition, you can be based anywhere across the globe to benefit.

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Why You Should Open a Pop Up Shop

Via flickr

Via flickr

Opening a shop could be the next logical step for you and your business if you already run a successful online venture.

However, opening that shop can be costly, take great commitment, and may be a risk too.

That’s why renting a temporary space, or pop up shop can be the perfect way to test the water.

With a short-term commitment, you can trial your business idea in a permanent setting, and work out what your customers love and what they don’t like about what you sell.

Having the extra passing-by traffic will also help strengthen your brand, and there’s nothing better than meeting your customers face-to-face to get their feedback and support.

Consider your location

Here at Popupspace, we source property on demand, so whether you want a space in a shopping mall, a quirky boutique or a shop on the high street, we can find it for you.

So before you make the decision to rent a temporary space, have a think about where your business will do well.

If you’re selling clothes, then a mall space might be ideal, or if you’re a cafe, then being on a route where busy commuters pass by will give you a lot of footfall.

If you’re not sure of where will be the best place, then get in touch with us, and we can give you some advice.

Use your time wisely

You may only be in the space for a few weeks, or months, so make sure you use the time to get the word out about your business, get feedback from people who visit your store, and most importantly give them a way to keep in touch with you after you close up.

Once you’ve given your first pop up shop a go, you’ll have the experience and confidence to open your own permanent shop, or even give another pop up a go in a different location!

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Retail pop up opportunities: January 2014

wembleyAt the moment we have availability at some of the most sought-after retail spaces in Wembley and Yorkshire.

The London Designer Outlet based in Wembley, north London opened last year and is expected to get a footfall of around 6 million visitors a year, so if you take the space here you’ll be guaranteed thousands of visitors to your shop. Ideal for start ups wanting to test the water, and PR companies looking to launch a new brand, we can negotiate exclusive deals on your behalf.

The location is particularly beneficial too: hundreds of events take place nearby at both Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena each year, with visitor numbers supplemented by passing traffic from these events.

If you’re based in the north, or simply want to expand your market in the area, then we have space available at the Lightwater Country Shopping Centre based in Ripon. Again, another fantastic opportunity to test your new business idea or for promotional purposes, this centre attracts lots of visitors from all over Yorkshire.

Do get in touch with us if these spaces are of any interest, or if you’re thinking of launching your own pop up space elsewhere. We also offer comprehensive pop up retail insurance coverage, ideal for short-term rental spaces.

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Competition giving small businesses the chance to win a mall space opens

retail-factorThe annual Retail Factor competition, run by The Mall has opened up for entries, giving small businesses the chance to trade for three weeks within one of the company’s malls for free.

The competition is open to any business that doesn’t currently have any permanent premises, and winners will receive a space to trade for three weeks in one of the five Malls, which are based in Blackburn, Camberley, Luton, Maidstone, Walthamstow and Wood Green.

The space in one of the malls will give you access to thousands of potential shoppers during the three weeks, and will give you a great chance to test your business idea or get exposure for your services.

In addition to the space, you’ll also win £1,000 in cash towards stock, mentorship from industry experts and a place on the Oxford Summer School Academy Course. The competition is open from now until 23 February, with winners trading between 26 March and 30 June 2014.

To enter, visit The Mall’s website which has further information on the terms and conditions of the competition.

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Pop Up Retail Insurance Explained

retail-insuranceIf you’re considering renting a pop up space for your event or business venture, then just like any other operation you’ll be liable to have some sort of insurance cover.

Insurance is vital to your success, especially if you’re a new business, as without it your profits could severely suffer if someone has an accident in your shop or your stock gets damaged.

The downside to many traditional insurers is that often you can only get the best rates by committing to at least a year’s worth of cover, which can be impractical and expensive if you’re only going to be in your space for a few months at the most.

That’s why pop up retail insurance makes the most sense! You only have to commit to a minimum of one month, and it works out much cheaper than regular insurance.

What’s usually covered?

Much like regular retail insurance you’re covered for everything you’ll need during your time on the premises, including things like cover for public liability, accidental damage, your stock and fixtures, and employer liability. It’s that simple.

Any other benefits?

In addition to having affordable insurance which covers you for everything you need, it enables you to get your business up and running quicker. Instead of shopping around, trying to find an insurer that will cover you short-term you can go direct to the source!

Where can I get it?

Here at Popupspace, we offer pop up insurance from as little as £75. All you need to do is fill out our quick form, and we’ll give you a quote within 5 working days.

Don’t let a little thing like insurance put you off hiring the space of your dreams!

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Charity pop up shops

We’ve noticed an increase in the number of charities launching interesting pop up projects in recent months.  There’s an established model for charities occupying empty shops on temporary terms for the kind of charity shops we see on every high street – but we’re also seeing charities thinking outside the box and using empty space in more creative ways.

Popupspace client The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has recently launched a series of pop up charity shops to promote their range of wildlife themed gifts and home wares.  These outlets are a little different from your traditional charity shop selling donated goods, because all the stock sold to raise funds is brand new and the shops have the look and feel of a high end, permanent store.  For more information on the product range on offer in the pop up shops, check out the RSPB website.

Pay RSPB a visit at Northgate Street in Chester or York Street in Bath.  Popupspace provided RSPB with location sourcing and lease negotiation services and secured prime trading positions within busy town centre areas – essential to the success of these pop up shops.  The aims of the initiative, running in conjunction with a major television campaign, are to rebrand and bring in a whole new audience for the RSPB.

Another interesting charity project that popped up on our radar recently was the Prom Dress pop up shop organised by simplyLeah to raise funds for YMCA Teesdale.  With local parents struggling to afford posh designer dresses for their daughters’ school prom, donations of dresses and shoes were invited with an overwhelming response.  The shop collected over 200 dresses and was so popular that members of the local community asked to keep it open for longer.  All profits went towards local youth work.

If you have a charity or community venture that deserves a little exposure and need help finding just the right space for your project, get in touch with Popupspace.  We’ll be able to help you find a new temporary home and we can sometimes offer discounts on our services for non-profit enterprises.


Sarah James and Rosie Cann, Popupspace

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The next round is on the pop up

There are many locations to consider when planning to set up shop these days, we’re almost spoilt for choice.  You can have outdoor pop ups in parks, playgrounds and on high streets, or indoor pop ups that can be situated in existing retail spaces or even offices.

But have you ever considered trading within your local public house?

Recently an inspirational group of crafters known as Handmade Hayfield have been doing just that.  On the first Saturday of each month, these entrepreneurial ladies set up shop on the top floor of the Pack Horse pub, selling their well crafted wares.

The group had spent a great deal of time trying to find the ideal location to sell their baked goods, homemade cosmetics, clothes and jewellery.  The local pub, which had an empty space going, seemed like the perfect solution.

The success behind this kind of pop up shop is that it encourages a sense of community and helps to boost the local economy.

As a sideline, the Handmade Hayfield group will be holding a special Christmas event at the Hayfield cricket ground on the 23 and 24 November.  The perfect opportunity to make a start on those Christmas lists, so pay them a visit!

This type of location is ideal.  You already have a steady stream of people, not just passing by, but staying for a considerable amount of time.

The secret to successful location sourcing is to choose a space that is easily accessible to a large number of the public and already popular for your target market.

So if you are considering opening a pop up shop of your own, whether you’re in the early planning stages or need a solution in a hurry, get in touch with Popupspace.  We are highly experienced in all aspects catering to the temporary shop and events sector.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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Pop up meals on wheels

We’ve all done it at one time or another, after stumbling out from the pub late at night feeling peckish, taken in the delights of the nearest burger van.  Other times we may have sampled something a little more gourmet. Festivals and outdoor events are ideal places to get a huge amount of traffic from hungry customers.

Pop up restaurants or street food outlets are becoming extremely popular.  They offer a level of excitement and authenticity and you may be considering running your own enterprise.

As you would expect, there are many aspects and legal requirements to consider during the planning stages.

If you are planning on hiring a team of helpers from 1 to 100, who all must be trained in food safety, you will need something called an Employers Liability insurance certificate.  And if you have more than 5 members of staff you’ll also need a Health and Safety policy as well as being required to carry out fire risk assessments.

You’ll need to register with the local authority and their Environmental Health office and be required to carry out Health and Safety risk assessments You also need to make sure you have the relevant street trading permissions for the location you plan on holding your pop up.  Most councils will offer street trading licences specially for pop up traders.

This may all sound daunting, but that’s where our experience comes in.

If you would like a little more help and advice on starting your own pop up street food destination, the Popupspace team are well equipped to assist.  We have a range of services that could help, from location to retail insurance.  Get in touch for a chat today.


Sarah James, Popupspace

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Staying late at the office

We’ve heard a great deal about pop up shops selling clothes and crafts, as well as temporary establishments providing welcomed alcoholic refreshments were you least expect them!  However a type of pop up that is less talked about is that of the travelling office, or workspace – the pop up office.

With the resurgence of self employment and start ups, gone are the days when your desk could still be found in the very same place you left it at 5pm the night before.

In recent weeks there have been inventive spaces where offices have popped up in shop windows and derelict factory spaces.  Even those on bicycles and boats.  Very different to the types of travelling desks you see people silently working at in public spaces like bars, coffee shops and parks.

Taking your work outside has to have some plus points and psychological benefits that could increase concentration and work flow, with a new view every day providing new sources of inspiration.

But what is it that people consider the stumbling blocks of this idea?  Could it be the lack of reliable wifi connection?  Recently o2 have developed a solution for that with their newest product, the Pop Up Office.  It allows you to create your own 4g hot spot.  No more awkward silences waiting for the internet gods to smile down on you while you wait for an important quote to open up.

Now it seems the big technology companies are seeing that the traditional office is not the only consideration for their clients.

Do you work in a pop up office?  What are the difficulties that you come across?

We’re not all about shops and bars.  So if you are looking for a pop up office space, get in touch.  We may be able to help you find the perfect place.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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