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SOCIAL CURRENCY – The New Fad in Town

There is a lot of hype about ‘Social Currency’ on the grapevine these days. What is it? Social currency is information shared which encourages further social encounters. And these days it is actually being used by companies in place of traditional methods … Continue reading

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To Pinterest or To Instagram, is that the question?

It is certainly true that once you enter the ever expanding world of social media it’s hard not to get lost in the ether of “Which Platform Should I Choose? Arrrggghhhhh!!” Don’t keep pulling your hair out, here is a … Continue reading

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Pop up shops aren’t ‘just’ shops

Nowadays when it comes to pop up shops, people are starting to think outside the box. Pop ups aren’t just for selling products. They can be used in a number of creative ways: for brand awareness, sale samples, experimental marketing, … Continue reading

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Plastic money: the future, today

Last week it was announced that the first plastic bank notes in Great Britain will be put into circulation next year.   The Scottish Clydesdale Bank will issue 2 million polymer £5 notes before the Bank of England makes this … Continue reading

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Things you can do on your down time as a small business

As a small company there will undoubtedly be peaks and troughs in your business, so during the down periods you should make use of the quieter time to enhance your business for the busy periods.   Work on your marketing … Continue reading

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Three quick tips on how to make your pop up shop sustainable

From the outset, a pop up shop is already a very green activity. You’re making use of a space which would otherwise be unused and not contributing to the problems that come with building a new shop from scratch. So … Continue reading

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Top four pop up shops this week

Pop up shops are becoming more and more popular as companies and brands use them as a way to launch new products or get publicity for their cause. The following pop up shops took place recently, and each shows the … Continue reading

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Contactless card payments and their benefits

For the first time ever, contactless card payments have reached over £100 million in transactions. Contactless cards are a convenient way of letting consumers pay for purchases of £20 and under by waving their card over special contactless readers.   … Continue reading

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Alternatives to discounts for small businesses

As a small business, it can be tempting to offer customers discounts to incentivise purchasing, especially if you’re a new to the market and need to get some awareness of your brand. However, this can be costly, customers may come … Continue reading

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What point of sale systems are ideal for pop up shops?

When setting up shop, one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need to get is a system which lets you take cash and card payments. You can opt for having a traditional till and simply not accept card … Continue reading

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