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Pop up shops go global

Here at Popupspace, we’re not the only one to offer our unique business model of sourcing temporary property for pop up shops and events: it’s a global industry that is expanding all the time.   We take a look at … Continue reading

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How a pop up shop can enhance your existing business

If you’ve got an existing online brand and you want to explore ways of promoting yourself further, a pop up shop can be an ideal way of marketing yourself.   A temporary venture, it’s a great way to attract shoppers … Continue reading

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How to hire your first employee

If you’re thinking of expanding your business, or need some extra help when setting up your own pop up, then hiring your first employee is probably the next thing to do on your list.   Make sure you have all … Continue reading

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A shop just for Christmas, not for life

The C-word may fill some with dread, realising that Christmas is just a short while away, but it’s never too early to start planning for the festive period. Pop up shops tend to be snapped up pretty quickly in the … Continue reading

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Three things you need to know about opening a pop up

Thinking of popping up in a temporary shop? Got a great idea for how to utilise that empty shop round the corner from you? Great! But there are a few things you’ll need to know before you get the ball … Continue reading

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Should you ditch the website for social media?

In a recent article by The Guardian, they reported that recruitment agency andSoMe relies solely on their social media presence to get business after replacing their website with a holding image almost two years ago. But is it worth ditching … Continue reading

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Experiential marketing: what’s it all about?

You might have heard the term “experiential marketing” being used in relation to pop up shops, but what exactly does it mean? In its basic form, experiential marketing is a way for businesses to get consumers to experience their brand … Continue reading

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Shopping centres are the new pop up hot spots

Pop up shops can literally pop up anywhere, from empty shops on the high street to spaces in train stations, and a new trend is to pop up in shopping centres.   A great way to get immediate traffic, shopping … Continue reading

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How could Scottish independence affect the retail sector?

With only a few hours until the results of Scotland’s independence are revealed, how would a yes win affect the retail and business sector?   This complex argument is overshadowed by many “what-ifs” and “maybes” – as it is, nothing … Continue reading

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Pop up shops set to storm the economy

Pop up shops seem to be the words on everyone’s lips recently, as more and more retailers, marketers and small businesses look to pop up shops to get their ideas off the ground.   And it’s a trend that’s not … Continue reading

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