Top apps to help run your pop up

CaptureManaging a pop up venture, whether it’s a shop, restaurant, gallery or event, can put plenty of strain on  your resources – after all, when everything is temporary you may not have the tools and equipment used by larger, permanent installations. It’s for this reason that we’ve put together a list of the best mobile apps to keep your pop up running smoothly, without the the costly layout.


Android | iTunes

SuperPlanner should be first on the list for anyone organising events and pop up spaces – this nifty app will calculate anything from capacity to staffing, and ensures you can carry a whole set of management tools with you on the run-up to the opening night and throughout your time in the venue.

Square Register

Android | iTunes

Square Register is part of the Square service that allows you to carry your shop register in your pocket – whether your staff are kitted out with tablets or willing to use their own phones, this is a great way to access information like inventory, discounts and sales data on the spot. In the US, Canada and Japan, you can also process debit and credit card payments – watch out for this capability to be brought to the UK soon.

This frankly brilliant service is a must for all small business users – for just under £25 a month you can get all your customer inquiries and feedback in one place.’s ‘Universal Inbox’ pulls mentions from your emails, comments sections and social media to make sure you never miss a customer issue.


Android | iTunes

Hootsuite is a great app that does the opposite – it allows you to post out to all of your social media channels at once, ensuring quick and easy promotion during your pop up’s lifespan. You can post pictures and videos with one press of a button, so you can quickly get back to focusing on the event itself.


Android | iTunes

Okay so we rolled our eyes at this at first. ‘Instant voice IM’? Surely that’s just a phone, right? Well, this app does have its own advantage over traditional calling; it essentially turns your phone into a walkie talkie with multiple receivers, ensuring you and your staff can stay connected with little barrier to communication.

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