How a tablet or iPad can transform your business

ipadsA tablet or iPad may at first seem a costly expense for your business, but utilised well, they can transform your offering and save you money in the long term. Here we look at just a few ways that you can utilise mobile technology to run your business.



Your tablet can be the perfect way to provide signage to customers that can be easily changed depending on your location and the products you have. It saves on wastage, as you won’t have to invest in lots of one-off physical signs.


Additionally, you can use a tablet to show customers more information about your product, including videos and photographs. If you’re selling an experience, such as a holiday, or a digital product, it’s the perfect way to visualise your sale.


Point of sale

We’ve discussed using iPads as a point of sale system before and they can be a really convenient way of managing your money without the need for bulky tills and physical cables. What’s more, you can use specialist apps that connect directly to your accounting software, to save you some paperwork, plus instead of printing receipts for customers, you can simply email them.



From planning your staffing schedules, to managing your accounts, there are a whole host of ways tablets can be really useful for the day-to-day managements of your business. Apps such as Deputy enable your employees to let you know their availability through their phones and then you can easily see what your work schedule is, and who has clocked in on time. This also makes it easy to issue timesheets and payments to your employees.



Lots of companies use iPads in a creative way to allow their customers to customise orders, but they can also come in handy for ordering items that you might not have in stock, or if your customer wants to get goods delivered to their home.


However you want to use these convenient pieces of technology, one thing is for certain: they can save you a lot of time, money and resources in the long term. A great investment!

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