How to promote your start up

times-squareIf you’ve just set up your business, you might be looking into ways of getting more customers and more coverage. How can you make an impact and compete in a market saturated with other similar businesses?


A website

One of the first things anyone will check when looking into your company is your website. Have you got one set up, and is the content on the website valuable? Having no website can lose you business, but having a bad website with no information on it can mean that you have a lasting negative impression on a customer.


Spend a good chunk of your marketing budget on getting a website up and running. There are some great free solutions out there on the market, as well as some build-your-own alternatives, but if you don’t feel confident with the out of the box solutions, consult a great designer, programmer and copywriter to give you a website that will last you years to come.


Social media

The next thing that your customers will use to research you is your social media profiles. With so many social media outlets to choose from, it’s advisable to choose a medium you feel comfortable keeping up to date, rather than signing up to every social media website and letting it stagnate.


Twitter and Facebook are obvious starting points, but if you’ve got a business that can translate well into a visual medium, then other social networking sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Vine may serve you well.


Keeping on top of social media can be a tricky feat, so you may want to consult a specialist, or take it in turns to manage your social media accounts for a day.



Nothing beats a bit of traditional advertising. From taking out an ad in the paper, to promoting yourself on a billboard or bus stop, outdoor advertising can reach markets that might have otherwise never been exposed to your business.


To drum up some immediate business, print vouchers and hand them out in the street, or drop flyers through letterboxes. You can also target local businesses that may be interested in your services.


Experiential marketing

Create an impact with a pop up shop and wow your customers with an experience they may not have ever had before. If you’re new to the market, a pop up shop can be a great way for customers to experience your product without the commitment of buying.


Take a look at some of our top experiential marketing campaigns here for some ideas. And if you fancy getting involved in the world of pop up shops, drop us a line and see what we can do.

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