How to improve your customer service and retain relationships

shooping-trolleyCustomer service is at the core of any good business. It’s especially important in any customer-facing industries such as retail, hospitality and even e-commerce. If you’re offering a customer a product, then good service is of upmost importance.


Customer service should not just focus on solving problems with unhappy customers too – you should also focus on retaining loyal customers by offering an all-round good service.


Remain positive

Always remain positive no matter what. It may seem odd to be a beacon of positivity, but if you are negative in any way this can impact on your customer, especially if they are already annoyed at your service!


When dealing with annoyed customers, use positive language and try to steer them away from focusing on the bad. Never raise your voice and remain calm and collected.


As a rule, you should always smile too, even when you’re on the phone – believe it or not, customers can hear you smiling!


It may sound like a lot of work, and a lot of fakery but it will retain your customers, and you can always blow off steam in the staff room with your fellow colleagues.


Remain visible

There’s nothing more annoying than going into a shop and not being able to easily pick out a member of staff when you need one. Consider a uniform, or if you’re not the type of company that wants to enforce a strict dress-code, use badges or lanyards to make your team members visible.


When customers enter the store greet them with a friendly “hello” and ask if you can help at all. However, don’t hover around them. If they don’t need your help, let them get on with it. An off-hand approach can be more positive than a hard-sale approach. Most customers will feel uncomfortable when pressured, and even if they make a purchase, may feel like they had a bad customer service experience, as you were hovering around when they were making the choice!


Remain humble

Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know the answer to a customer’s query, but don’t leave them hanging. Offer a solution: “I don’t know, but let me check with someone who does,” “I’m not sure about that, give me a moment to check our stock room,” etc. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you aren’t sure on something, but you will have a problem if you can’t offer a customer an alternative solution.


Finally, and most importantly, thank your customers for shopping with you at the end of their purchase and through other mediums such as email marketing or social media. Your customers will feel appreciated, and you will get more repeat business if you acknowledge their importance.

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