How a pop up shop can enhance your existing business

pop-upIf you’ve got an existing online brand and you want to explore ways of promoting yourself further, a pop up shop can be an ideal way of marketing yourself.


A temporary venture, it’s a great way to attract shoppers of the high street without expensive advertising, online marketing or any other traditional promotion.


Make use of the scraps

Online fashion house Poppy England has taken advantage of a pop up shop to poppy-englandpromote their brand further. Already an established online shop, the designer has creations in small retailers and boutiques, however this new pop up shop is designed not just to get sales, but to get customers for life.


Mums can enjoy cake and tea, while children will love creating in workshops that will make use of the offcuts used in Poppy England’s designs.


So not only is this venture a clever way to attract new customers, it’s a great way to get rid of the material that would otherwise go to waste.


Encourage future sales

You don’t necessarily need to use a pop up shop as a place for people to buy your products in a traditional sense. Brands such as adidas have used virtual walls in the past to allow shops with a small floorspace to display all kinds of footwear they sell. Customers can then create their perfect shoe and then order it direct to their home, making the online experience offline.


If you don’t have the budget for a virtual wall, you could simply display the range of products you have on offer and allow users to order items from your existing online shop via iPads or other tablet devices in store.


Promote a new product

We’ve talked about experiential marketing before, and a temporary retail space often forms part of a product launch for many established brands. It allows customers who are familiar with your existing product line to experience your new product without having to commit to buying it.


These experiential stores are created with an aim to get more people talking about your brand, rather than putting their money where their mouth is. It may seem like a risk if you’re a smaller business, but it can really help you stand out from the crowd.


So you don’t need to simply have a business idea to experiment with a pop up shop. Many large and established companies use pop up shops in addition to their online stores and existing retail spaces to keep customers engaged.

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