Three things you need to know about opening a pop up

popup-shopThinking of popping up in a temporary shop? Got a great idea for how to utilise that empty shop round the corner from you? Great! But there are a few things you’ll need to know before you get the ball rolling.


It’s hard work

As with any new business, it will be hard work getting everything to run smoothly and to be the best shop it can possibly be. You will need to plan as much as you can in advance before finding the space of your dreams. How long would you like to run it for? What would you like to sell or advertise? How can you get people through the door? Make sure you have these things in mind while planning your pop up.


Be prepared

Set up a website, social media profiles and start printing flyers and posters for your event. Advertise yourself as much as possible before the big day and ensure that people know where you’re going to be. Look into pop up insurance if your lease doesn’t include it, as you will need it to protect yourself and your customers.


Create an experience

You’re not going to be around for long, so don’t just be like any other shop and fade into the background. Use bright colours, memorable displays and make a lot of noise about your pop up to get people to come and visit. And if you’re looking to do something a little more interesting, use your pop up as part of an experiential marketing plan and get people talking about your pop up for years to come.

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