Should you ditch the website for social media?

Social media buttonsIn a recent article by The Guardian, they reported that recruitment agency andSoMe relies solely on their social media presence to get business after replacing their website with a holding image almost two years ago. But is it worth ditching the good old fashioned website in favour of Facebook and Twitter?


The answer really depends on your business model. If you run a restaurant, café or pub, then focusing your energy on social media can be really beneficial as it’s a great way of communicating directly with your customers, many of which may have feedback on the service they received.


It’s easier than ever to connect with businesses on Facebook too, as many users will use the platform to “check in” to places, even if you don’t create a specific page for your business. So there may already be an untapped resource waiting for you!


Websites still have a place

However, just because social media is a great way to bring in new customers and please the old, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a website. Having a site up gives you credibility: how many times have you tried to get in touch with a company only to find a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated for several months or years? It’s unprofessional to leave no online presence, and a website can be ideal if you don’t want to have to deal with updating your social media accounts daily.


Sure, it can be off-putting to get a website built as it can often be costly, especially if you’d like your customers to make purchases through your site. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid it: there are plenty of free website creators out there such as WordPress, Weebly, and Wix – which all have code-free options. These websites can work really well for starter sites, and will prevent you from losing customers.


This solution is especially good if you’re running a pop up business – if you don’t have the budget or time to build a huge statement website, then putting one up for free is the best solution. In addition to an active social media presence, you’ll get the best of both worlds. So don’t ditch the site just yet…! 

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