How to hire your first employee

interviewIf you’re thinking of expanding your business, or need some extra help when setting up your own pop up, then hiring your first employee is probably the next thing to do on your list.


Make sure you have all of the paperwork in place

Get acquainted with employment law and draw up a simple contract. If you’re a small business with a small turnover, it may be wise to consider employing someone as a freelancer or contractor, especially if they are only doing a temporary or ad hoc job. It means that you have less paperwork to do, and aren’t responsible for arranging your employee’s tax and national insurance contributions.


Define the job role

Be specific about who you are looking for and what you expect them to do before advertising the job. Create a clear and well-formed job description: there’s nothing more unprofessional than a badly spelt, vague job description. You’ll get more applications if you are clear about the qualifications you expect the application to have, the experience they need, and the roles and responsibilities they have. You should also put a salary on the job advert – even if it’s a range it will make sure you get the right people applying for the role.


Do some background research

There’s no harm in looking at an applicant’s public social media profiles such as Twitter or LinkedIn to get a better feel for if they are right for the job and clued up in your industry. Additionally, you may want to arrange a phone or Skype call before meeting them face to face to get a feel for if you like each other.


See through the charade

Many people may stretch the truth on their CV or over exaggerate. See through this, and get your applicant to explain themselves over certain CV points you may see as a bit foggy. Make them feel relaxed too: some of the best interviews can be casual chats where you can really get to know your future employee’s personality. After all, they will be the first person working for you: you will want to get on with them like a house on fire!

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