Pop up shops set to storm the economy

shoppingPop up shops seem to be the words on everyone’s lips recently, as more and more retailers, marketers and small businesses look to pop up shops to get their ideas off the ground.


And it’s a trend that’s not going to go away any time soon, with pop up economy growth set to increase to 8.4% according to research by EE and CEBR. This is more than double than what the high street is set to see.


EE is set to help 3,000 pop ups with their technology needs, which is just one slice of the market. Here at Popupspace, we also help hundreds of businesses all over the UK source temporary spaces for their latest projects: something that many businesses find difficult to do themselves as the market is becoming increasingly competitive.


All of this fantastic news equates to £2.1bn that pop up shops and spaces will contribute to the UK’s economy, as shoppers are set to visit pop up shops more frequently and splash the cash in greater numbers.


If you’re intrigued by the idea of a pop up shop and want to be taking part in the latest trend, but don’t know where to begin: talk to us! We can help you get started in the world of pop up, and give you advice on where to set up your temporary shop.

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