Our top popups of the week

perkExperiential marketing seems to be making waves within the pop up community, with lots of intrepid business people and marketers using pop up shops to create something a little different to the usual shop setup. Here’s our picks of the popups that have been hitting the headlines this week.


As usual, if you’re interested in starting your own popup shop, get in touch with us – we’ll source you’re the perfect location so you don’t have to.


Central Perk – New York City

No coffee shop is as iconic as the fictional Central Perk, featured on the hit show Friends. To celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary (oh gosh, has it really been that long?) Warner Bros Studios has set up a popup shop on Lafayette Street in New York City.


Complete with the iconic sofa and actual coffee, the shop also features some of the props from the show, and actor James Michael Taylor who played Gunther will be popping by.


A great example of how to use a pop up for publicity, it will be in town until October 18 – be sure to drop by if you happen to be state-side.


tatty-devTatty Devine – Southbank

Another anniversary popup, Tatty Devine will be popping up on the Southbank to celebrate 15 years of being in business. The pretty plastic jewellery will be making a statement in the area at the Royal Festival Hall shop, where you can buy your own work of jewellery art.


micISWAI – Chelsea

Celebrity popup of the week goes to Caggie Dunlop from Made In Chelsea fame who has opened up her own pop up shop selling clothes and accessories she’s designed.


Based (where else?) in Chelsea in King’s Road the popup is around until 6 September, so you better get your skates on if you hope to catch a glimpse of the star herself.


Death From Above 1979 – Toronto

An example of taking popups to the extreme, bass and drum duo Death From Above 1979 have opened a tattoo pop up shop to promote the release of their new album – the first one for ten years.


As part of this they gave lucky fans the chance to get tattooed for free. Talk about rock ‘n’ roll.


You might not want to go as far as to tattoo your customers, but if you’ve got a fun idea for a popup – get in touch with us and see how we can help you out!

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