Top 3 Books For Entrepreneurs and Independent Retailers Who Want To Open A Pop Up Shop

We all know that pop up shops provide entrepreneurs with a fantastic way of bringing their ideas to life. Pop ups offer unique opportunities to promote your brand, reach out to customers and sell your products – all without the risk of taking on a long lease. But where to start? Many of our clients are sold on wanting to try high street retail, but have little experience in setting up a shop. We’ve put together our Top 3 reading list for small businesses and independent retailers wanting to pop up.


Pop Up Business For Dummies is a typically accessible introduction to pop up from the For Dummies series. A complete guide to the basics of planning, starting and running a successful pop up venture, this book is particularly useful for anyone running a craft business and includes case studies and hints from experienced pop up people.


Written by one of the UK’s best known and respected retail experts, The Retail Champion: 10 Steps to Retail Success covers a wide range of topics from defining your goal through to customer engagement. Author Clare Rayner provides a wealth of advice to help independent retailers compete in today’s competitive market.


How to promote your pop up venture? Social media are essential free tools for anyone wanting to spread the word at low cost and connect with potential customers. Brilliant Social Media: How to Start, Refine and Improve Your Social Business Media Strategy is a practical guide to get you started and show you why social media is an important part of every marketing strategy.

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