Presentation is everything

Following on from our last blog post in which we talked about creating a pop up experience, this week the topic on our lips is the importance of product presentation.


Lets face it, you could have the best product around, however if you don’t present it right the consumer, who buys with their eyes, will simply (in the words of Dionne Warwick) ‘walk on by‘. As a consumer we are intrigued by the weird, the wonderful and the spectacular. We all have a tendency to buy something just because we were impressed either by the experience, the look, or the seller. Get that mix right and you are onto a winner.┬áHere are some of our favourite product presentations.


First up is Biblia Smakov with ‘Tulip Cherry Tomatoes’. Such a simple tasty treat turned into a beautiful of a bunch of tulips. The perfect romantic gesture for the food lover.



Tulip Cherry Tomatoes


Next on our list is this fabulous packaging design from Studio Otwarte for a vibrant gorgeous red bead necklace. Here we have a great example of the packaging being just as striking as the product. You know the box is a keeper!


Studio Otwarte


The final part of our adoration is reserved for a Living Wall, designed by Jason Lempieri of ReThinkTANK. Imagine if you set up a herb pop up stall you could actually have all the herbs implanted in the walls…ingenious, or perhaps you could actually ‘grow’ a pop up…


Jason Lempieri - Living Wall


However you decide to present your product, always have the ‘consumer’s eye’ in mind and scout around, see what abstract ideas you can come up with to match the ‘Tulip Cherry Tomatoes’.

We are always happy to help with product presentation ideas for your pop up, all you have to do is Hollah!

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