Getting creative with pop ups: creating an experience

bttfIt seems that nowadays people aren’t just using pop ups to experiment with their new business, as shown yesterday with the launch of Secret Cinema’s Back to The Future themed pop up shops.


Secret Cinema shows cult and classic movies in secret locations all around London, and to promote their Back to the Future season, they created themed pop up shops in Hackney.


The shops are based around the film series’ Hill Valley setting and there are two outlets on Hackney Road that have been transformed into 1950s shops including a café, beauty parlour, record shop, dress shop and post office.


This unique experiment is using the setting of the films to promote the cinema rather than simply creating a Secret Cinema themed shop.


It’s something to think about if you’ve got an event you want to promote: instead of creating a traditional shop pop up you can create an experience for your customers.


This was also shown in recent months with a pop up Moe’s Tavern from The Simpsons in Australia, creating an experience to promote the launch of Duff Beer down under.


It’s food for thought and a fun an interesting way to immerse your customers in your brand. If you’re thinking of running your own pop up or have some ideas for a brand experience, get in touch with us.

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