To Pinterest or To Instagram, is that the question?

Pinterest v Instagram LargeIt is certainly true that once you enter the ever expanding world of social media it’s hard not to get lost in the ether of “Which Platform Should I Choose? Arrrggghhhhh!!” Don’t keep pulling your hair out, here is a simple fact.

Less is more

…and a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ (Frederick R. Barnard), and if you #Hashtag it, it can be worth millions. Now for the science bit:

“The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visually based” (Visual Social Marketing SlideShare)

”A 2012 study of ROI Research indicated that 44 percent of respondents are more likely to pay closer attention to brands if they post pictures” (All Top Company Blog Spot)

This is why as much as 93% of the most popular status updates across social media giants, Facebook & Twitter are pictures. Think of all the countless hours the average person spends trawling through Social Media. You want something that stands out like:

Hello Is it Tea You're Looking For
Genius! However it can be simple, like for example, a business colleague recently packed their bag for Glastonbury and simply posted a picture up on Facebook, with “Ready & Packed for #Glastonbury2014” and boom, the interactive frenzy begun. It formed the perfect opportunity for her to  engage with her audience, let them know why she’s going, where to find her at the festival and run a promotion for those who visit her pop up.

The great thing about both Instagram and Pinterest is that both are perfect for visual content like photos and videos. Instagram is like ‘The Publisher’, think ‘Shakespeare’:

  • You publish your own original content, and create your own, high end funky ‘Andy Warhol-esq’ gallery, if that truly reflects you, your brand and your businesses personality, with eye- catching photos and memorable captions (like Rich-Tea above).
  • Start trends through the clever use of #Hashtags and through your own amazing talent you create your kingdom of followers.
  • Give your followers a behind-the-scenes journey into you, your brand and your business.

Instagram is great for creative, product, design, artistic type businesses.

Hang on, isn’t that the same for Pinterest?

Yes and no, Pinterest is ‘The Curator’, think Simon Cowell, (no offense Pinterest). How dare we say this? Simon Cowell essentially curates talent to form both a visual and audio experience for his target audience, this is much the same for Pinterest. It’s a digital pin board of you and/or your brand’s profile to create a visual experience of your business:

  • Promote your service and/or products through use of such features as ‘Pin it to Win it’.
  • Drive traffic through to your site using such features as ‘Link Back’
  • Relate to your audience through sharing content you engage with
  • Get insight to your audience, their thoughts and opinions through creating a guest pin board

So, why not use both?

There is no right or wrong. Through twitter chat this week we found out our follower @ArtistMakers uses “Pinterest to create a reference for each [of his art] project [s]” and “Instagram to document the project as it happens”.

Either way you should always ensure you are engaging with your audience, perhaps even reward your followers with giveaways, competitions or perhaps use social media as a form of currency? (more on this next week).

It’s an ever evolving digital world we live in and there are still more undiscovered ways to attract your customers through the use of social media.

The key to social media is to have a Marketing Campaign Strategy. Without that you may as well be back at the beginning of this blog!

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