Pop up shops aren’t ‘just’ shops

800px-The_Beatles_Double_Decker_Pop-up_BusNowadays when it comes to pop up shops, people are starting to think outside the box.

Pop ups aren’t just for selling products. They can be used in a number of creative ways: for brand awareness, sale samples, experimental marketing, consumer research, exhibitions, film locations – just think it, and you can make it happen!

Pop ups aren’t just restricted to shops: there are lots of unconventional spaces to use like camper vans, boats, a garden space, disused truck trailers, or even a bus like what was used for The Beatles promotion in the picture above.

On Twitter this week, we were talking with @Charlie_Hopper who said she would convert a truck trailer into a pitch black room for blind tasting food and beer samples. Such a simple idea, however, effective and memorable. The key to a successful pop up is to think about what you would like your customers or target audience to take away with them once they’ve left.

So here are three basic points to think about that will hopefully help you create your amazing pop up space:

  1. What is the purpose of your pop up?
  2. Who are you trying to attract?
  3. How can I make my pop up a memorable experience?

That should give you a great start.

And for further inspiration, here’s a lovely video of how the Brighton based Retail Ready People Programme by Vinspired make great use of pop ups to help educate young locals. Don’t forget, if you want to start your own pop up venture, get in touch with us to talk through finding a space – no matter how offbeat it is!


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