Top four pop up shops this week

Pop up shops are becoming more and more popular as companies and brands use them as a way to launch new products or get publicity for their cause. The following pop up shops took place recently, and each shows the flexibility that pop up shops offer.


Candy Kittens, Bath

Run by Jamie Laing of Made in Chelsea fame, Candy Kittens is a sweet shop which sells “fashionable confectionary.” Showing that celebrity still sells, the sweet shop attracted legions of fans of the E4 show.


The shop also sells fashion accessories and also features a Candy Cam photo booth where customers can take snaps of themselves. The shop is open until 11 May on Milsom Place.


goopGoop, Los Angeles

Another celebrity-led pop up shop, Goop is Gwyneth Paltrow’s brainchild. The pop up shop is a version of the website which is a weekly online fashion and lifestyle mag curated by Ms Paltrow herself.


The price tags may be a little expensive, according to Jezebel who went and reviewed the shop, but it goes to show what can happen to your brand if you introduce it to the high street via a pop up shop.


burts-beesBurt’s Bees, London

The natural health and beauty care product brand has opened a two month pop up shop on Monmouth Street in London. Dubbed “the hive,” the distinctive yellow store is the company’s first shop in London.


If you’re a fan of the Burt’s Bees’ honey-inspired products then you can get them all here, as well as meet with brand experts who can introduce you to new products. It will be open until 30 June.


Walking Dead Bloodstore, Portugal

Fans of the zombie TV programme The Walking Dead will be on board with this unusual idea. In an attempt to get people to donate blood to the National Blood Bank, instead of paying with cash, customers will pay with blood to get their hands on the zombie-themed memorabilia.


An interesting way to drum up publicity for a good cause, this is one of the more unusual ways to use a pop up that we’ve seen recently. Watch the video for more information on the pop up shop below:


If you’ve got an idea for interesting pop up shop, get in touch with us and let us make your idea a reality!

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