Three quick tips on how to make your pop up shop sustainable

recycled-displayFrom the outset, a pop up shop is already a very green activity. You’re making use of a space which would otherwise be unused and not contributing to the problems that come with building a new shop from scratch. So already, pop up shops are seen as a great start to being environmentally friendly. But how else can you ensure that you pop up shop is sustainable?


Reuse displays

Renting displays or upcycling unwanted fixtures is a great way to ensure that you’re not going to run into the problem of how to get rid of your displays once the pop up shop is finished.


Another thing to consider when creating your displays is what kind of lighting you’ll use, and whether it is totally necessary to have the lights on all the time. Don’t leave the lights on at night, and use fixtures which use energy efficient or LED bulbs.


Go paperless

Ask customers if they really need a receipt with their purchase. If you’re running a shop which sells food or drink, many people won’t want their receipt printed out. And if you’re selling products which customers may like to return, many point of sale systems enable you to email the customer’s receipt to them. Pretty useful if they somehow misplace the original, and saves on paper too.


But not for carrier bags

Paper carrier bags are a great alternative to plastic bags as they can easily be recycled. However, you may want to consider a charge for bags, or offering a more useful reusable canvas bag. Our thoughts on carrier bag designs and ditching plastic can be found in a previous blog here.

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