Things you can do on your down time as a small business

brainstormingAs a small company there will undoubtedly be peaks and troughs in your business, so during the down periods you should make use of the quieter time to enhance your business for the busy periods.


Work on your marketing

Get round to updating your blog or website with the new things you’ve been doing. Get on social media and connect with people who may be interested in your product or services, and reach out to new audiences. This is something you should already be doing as part of your business plans, but often during busy times this gets forgotten about.


You can also look at what you’re currently doing with your website, advertising and other marketing material and have a good look at what is working and what isn’t. If people have really responded to a paid advertising campaign you did, consider running it again.


Get your housekeeping in check

You’ve probably got a stack of receipts or some filing you need to do, or maybe you just need to reorganise your computer’s hard drive. Doing this now during a down period is the perfect way to while away the hours.


You can also do some physical cleaning. Clean out your stock, tidy your office space and get things neat and organised so that things are less stressful during busy times.


Plan forward

Get out the calendar and plan out events that you should attend, promotions you want to run in store or any other things that require a bit of planning. This is the time when you can consider a pop up shop to help boost your brand awareness and get in a bit of extra business.


Create a few goals too. For instance “I want to have 100 more sales by next month” or “Next year I’d like to double my profits.” This will give you something to aim towards when things pick up again.


Most importantly, you shouldn’t give up! Every business has down periods, and you are no different. So if you’ve suddenly become quieter, use this to your advantage and start improving your business even more.


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