What point of sale systems are ideal for pop up shops?

Old-Fashioned-TillWhen setting up shop, one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need to get is a system which lets you take cash and card payments. You can opt for having a traditional till and simply not accept card payments, but getting a quality point of sale system set up is easier than you might think.


Many point of sale systems can be downloaded onto an iPad or tablet device which offers an affordable system for your business. The software can link up to your bank and some can also offer you statistics on how much money you’ve made, and when your most profitable time of day was.


What’s out there?

There are a number of apps on the market which let you take payment via an app on your smartphone. Square and iZettle are just two of the companies out there that let you take card payments via your mobile device.


Both offer upgrades so you can hook up your iPad to a cash drawer and receipt printer, and the standalone app is great if you’re running a small stall. They even let you email customers their receipts – ideal if you want to keep things paperless and a nice way of staying in touch with your customers.


These apps are both perfect for the temporary nature of a pop up shop – they link up to your accounts, are cloud-based and can easily be moved from place to place, should you move on to another space. A great investment, and more professional than a rusty old till!

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