To bag or not to bag? Should you provide carrier bags for customers?

canvas-bagsIf you’re opening your own shop then the question of whether you should provide your customers with shopping bags for their purchases can be a tricky one to get right.


Some places will require you to charge for the use of bags, and as a company you  may not want to promote the use of wasteful plastic bags. However, a bag can be an ideal way to get word out about your shop through its mini billboard effect.


Come up with an engaging design

If you’re running a pop up shop, a brightly coloured, engaging bag can really attract customers to your store, simply through seeing others with the bags on the streets.


In addition to this, if you create a really attractive design, your customers won’t mind investing in buying a more permanent canvas version of your bag, or even paying a small surcharge for a more disposable kind.


Ditch the plastic

No one likes those flimsy plastic bags and as they are usually only used once, they create a lot of wastage. Offer customers paper bags for small, lighter purchases and reusable sturdy canvas bags for heavier or larger purchases.


Even though it is a little more expensive, you can get around this by charing your customers a small fee for your lovely bags!

Not only will you be sending out a good message to your customers, you’ll be playing your part in keeping your business eco-friendly.


Incentivise your bags

If you’ve come up with a really pretty design for your bags and stockpiled them, you don’t want to end up with loads of surplus bags left over once your pop up shop ends. Give your more expensive bags away with larger purchases over a certain amount, or give the bags away for free to repeat customers.


Not only does this help get your bags out into the wide world, it also helps drum up a bit of extra business.

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