How to set up (pop up) shop

pop upStarting a business can be expensive, and a pop up shop is no exception. However, the beauty of a pop up shop is that because you’re only going to be around for a short while you can invest in fixtures and fittings that can be reused again elsewhere and also cut some corners where permanent shops may not be able to. 


Before you make any big sweeping plans, consider the space that you’ve agreed to rent. Is it big enough for all your ambitions? If not, you may have to scale things down, and of course it’s vital that you have all the correct measurements when buying equipment for your store.


Get storage that’s easy to move

It’s important to have equipment that’s easy to put up and pack away – by yourself if necessary. You should also invest in something that’s adaptable and sturdy, after all you might be using this equipment in another space on a larger or smaller scale, miles away, so you don’t want anything that’s likely to break in transit.


Upcycle fixtures

Consider using websites like Gumtree or Freecycle to find unique display units for your space, or visit charity shops to find cheap furniture that’s unique. It will give your space the edge over that Ikea flat pack shelving everyone else has.


Use the walls

Walls are often forgotten, and can be the perfect space to showcase your items or display some advertising. Project some images on the wall, hang your clothes up on there, or paint a bold design on them. Whatever you do, don’t forget about them – bare walls really add to that “just moved in” feel.


If you’re thinking of setting up a pop up space, then get in touch with us. We can help you find the perfect space no matter where you’re based.

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