How to give your business a PR boost

PRHaving a well-thought out PR plan can do wonders for your business and often means that you get a boost to your visibility without spending too much money.

It’s a great way to get a base of potential customers that you can further market to. The following ideas are the basics and trying out one or all of these ideas is enough to give your business a boost.

Online presence 

Most businesses will have a website, but if you don’t then this is one of the first things that you’ll need to set up.

Nowadays most people will consult the internet before considering any other option of trying to contact you, so ensuring you have a website set up will mean that you won’t lose potential customers.

The best way to set up a website is to hire a professional, but if you want something quick and easy try free software such as WordPress or Tumblr to get off the ground.

Having relevant social media accounts can also boost your presence online. Of course, you should only sign up if you have the time to update the accounts: there’s nothing worse than seeing a Facebook account that only has one sad and lonely post!

Team up

Consider partnering with another company to help expose yourself to another set of customers. You can set up competitions, give their customers special discounts, or have a display in their store in return for doing the same for your partner.

You can even partner with someone to do something as simple as securing a regular blogging spot on their website or a regular shout out on their social networks.

When partnering up with another company you should be mindful as to whether your potential partner will be relevant to your customers, and vice-versa.

Go above the line

There’s nothing wrong with doing a little offline marketing, so investing in some advertising in local papers or on the radio can do wonders for your business.

A pop up space can also be ingenious if you’ve got a new product you’d like to launch, or if you’d like to market your business in a new areas. It’s not as expensive as you may think and is a lot more interesting than regular advertising.

If you’ve been thinking of opening a pop up shop for PR purposes, then get in touch with us. We source property on demand so can find you the perfect space to boost your publicity.

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