Why You Should Open a Pop Up Shop

Via flickr

Via flickr

Opening a shop could be the next logical step for you and your business if you already run a successful online venture.

However, opening that shop can be costly, take great commitment, and may be a risk too.

That’s why renting a temporary space, or pop up shop can be the perfect way to test the water.

With a short-term commitment, you can trial your business idea in a permanent setting, and work out what your customers love and what they don’t like about what you sell.

Having the extra passing-by traffic will also help strengthen your brand, and there’s nothing better than meeting your customers face-to-face to get their feedback and support.

Consider your location

Here at Popupspace, we source property on demand, so whether you want a space in a shopping mall, a quirky boutique or a shop on the high street, we can find it for you.

So before you make the decision to rent a temporary space, have a think about where your business will do well.

If you’re selling clothes, then a mall space might be ideal, or if you’re a cafe, then being on a route where busy commuters pass by will give you a lot of footfall.

If you’re not sure of where will be the best place, then get in touch with us, and we can give you some advice.

Use your time wisely

You may only be in the space for a few weeks, or months, so make sure you use the time to get the word out about your business, get feedback from people who visit your store, and most importantly give them a way to keep in touch with you after you close up.

Once you’ve given your first pop up shop a go, you’ll have the experience and confidence to open your own permanent shop, or even give another pop up a go in a different location!

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