Social media: the new currency for pop ups?

marc-jacobs-LIt’s been announced that fashion designer Marc Jacobs is set to reward his social media followers with free goodies during the New York Fashion Week.

To coincide with the launch of his pop up store which is open from 7 – 9 February, every day he’ll give the best Instagram photo a free handbag.

A great way to get your hands on the expensive accessories. But should you follow suit and offer your stock in exchange for tweets and Instagram pics? It may seem like a worthless exchange, but it’s actually a clever idea.

Giving away key pieces of your merchandise during your pop up’s run is a great way of getting in business, or at least increasing your awareness online.

For decades businesses have been giving away their wares in the hope of luring back customers, and it works.

Your Twitter, Facebook and other social media followers are just as important as the customers that walk through your doors, especially if you’re a temporary venture or a pop up shop.

Enticing customers in through freebies and giveaways will strengthen your following, and build up buzz around your brand.

While you might not want to give away a very expensive handbag every day like Mr Jacobs, you can certainly consider giving away an exclusive discount during the run of your store, or other special goodies to reward your followers.

It’s especially convenient if your have followers all over the country; like the Marc Jacobs competition, you can be based anywhere across the globe to benefit.

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