Pop Up Retail Insurance Explained

retail-insuranceIf you’re considering renting a pop up space for your event or business venture, then just like any other operation you’ll be liable to have some sort of insurance cover.

Insurance is vital to your success, especially if you’re a new business, as without it your profits could severely suffer if someone has an accident in your shop or your stock gets damaged.

The downside to many traditional insurers is that often you can only get the best rates by committing to at least a year’s worth of cover, which can be impractical and expensive if you’re only going to be in your space for a few months at the most.

That’s why pop up retail insurance makes the most sense! You only have to commit to a minimum of one month, and it works out much cheaper than regular insurance.

What’s usually covered?

Much like regular retail insurance you’re covered for everything you’ll need during your time on the premises, including things like cover for public liability, accidental damage, your stock and fixtures, and employer liability. It’s that simple.

Any other benefits?

In addition to having affordable insurance which covers you for everything you need, it enables you to get your business up and running quicker. Instead of shopping around, trying to find an insurer that will cover you short-term you can go direct to the source!

Where can I get it?

Here at Popupspace, we offer pop up insurance from as little as £75. All you need to do is fill out our quick form, and we’ll give you a quote within 5 working days.

Don’t let a little thing like insurance put you off hiring the space of your dreams!

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