Trick or Treat!

Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes all the ghosts and ghouls and scary stories that we expect.  In the UK Halloween has always been a bit of fun, but it’s never been as big a deal as in the US.  Each year adults and children celebrate on the 31st October extending the holiday to a full on tradition like Valentine’s Day and Firework Night.

Our American counterparts go all out, celebrating the spooky season with huge parties, Trick or Treating and haunting costumes that would put us to shame.  But apparently they have also been leading the way with Halloween themed pop up shops that sell scary masks, fake blood and vampire capes.

Just like on Christmas Eve, when panicked shoppers are desperately seeking last minute gifts, and on some occasions Christmas trees and turkeys, haunted revellers are raiding the handy pop up shops to populate their parties and get togethers.

Pop up shops in general in the US have increased year on year, and in Los Angeles their numbers grew from 2039 to 2459, with spooky Halloween themed shops accounting for nearly half of those in that city alone.

In fact, pop up shops have been booming in America for quite some time.  They have long been enjoying the obvious benefits of the temporary lets, including lower rents and flexibility.  Ideal for Halloween – pumpkins don’t last forever you know!

Have you been inspired by this story?  Do you have an idea for a unique way of celebrating a traditional occasion?  Maybe a Christmas market or a community New Year get together?  Visit our website and get in touch.  Perhaps we could guide you through the early days of your plans when you use our location sourcing services.  If you dare…



Sarah James, Popupspace

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