The high street pop up fashion

The luxurious yet accessible home wares giant John Lewis being one of the latest chain stores to join the pop up revolution.  This is becoming such a regular occurrence you can’t help but wonder why they all seem to have jumped on the temporary shop bandwagon.

It could be that the term pop up has become rather synonymous with something that’s trendy or fashionable.  If you attach #popupshop to the end of your social media post detailing your latest event, it’s sure to get you a little extra attention and buzz.

A less cynical observation may be that pop ups are an incredibly effective way of testing the market.  Maybe a large chain store has a new line of clothing that is aimed at a younger clientele than the rest of their line.  Hosting a pop up shop with the new range would give them the opportunity to experiment in a new location.  It would also give them the freedom to adapt the marketing message and even branding.

The flexibility draw of the pop up shop is catching and this phenomena can only help promote the cause for small businesses and star ups.  This in turn will ease funding and allow the growth of trust in these enterprises.

If you think you can play as well as the big boys and you have plans to start your own pop up shop, office, restaurant, bar or event, get in touch with us at Popupspace.  We have a range of services including location sourcing and lease negotiating.  This is complimented by the property experience we have developed over the years.  Lets discuss how we can help you with the plans you have for your business.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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