Staying late at the office

We’ve heard a great deal about pop up shops selling clothes and crafts, as well as temporary establishments providing welcomed alcoholic refreshments were you least expect them!  However a type of pop up that is less talked about is that of the travelling office, or workspace – the pop up office.

With the resurgence of self employment and start ups, gone are the days when your desk could still be found in the very same place you left it at 5pm the night before.

In recent weeks there have been inventive spaces where offices have popped up in shop windows and derelict factory spaces.  Even those on bicycles and boats.  Very different to the types of travelling desks you see people silently working at in public spaces like bars, coffee shops and parks.

Taking your work outside has to have some plus points and psychological benefits that could increase concentration and work flow, with a new view every day providing new sources of inspiration.

But what is it that people consider the stumbling blocks of this idea?  Could it be the lack of reliable wifi connection?  Recently o2 have developed a solution for that with their newest product, the Pop Up Office.  It allows you to create your own 4g hot spot.  No more awkward silences waiting for the internet gods to smile down on you while you wait for an important quote to open up.

Now it seems the big technology companies are seeing that the traditional office is not the only consideration for their clients.

Do you work in a pop up office?  What are the difficulties that you come across?

We’re not all about shops and bars.  So if you are looking for a pop up office space, get in touch.  We may be able to help you find the perfect place.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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