Cheer Up Clothing Pops Up

Us in the know are all aware of how awesome pop up shops and other spaces are.  They hold an array of possibilities for the independent retailer or event manager.

It isn’t surprising then that big name brands are also beginning to see the benefits.  They may have a string of bricks and mortar stores on most high streets in most towns but the pop up principle is allowing them to extend their reach even further.  Capturing potential custom in a new area also enables them to trial new ideas and product ranges before unleashing them on their regulars.

The latest brand to venture into the world of the pop up is Cheer Up Clothing.  They will appear at the prestigious BOXPARK venue in Shoreditch in London.  There for 7 days only between the 26th – 31st August, they will join an illustrious group of retailers who have featured at the world’s first ever pop up mall.

Cheer Up Clothing will be selling off their entire Spring and Summer clothing collection, as well as a range of their old favourites.  They encourage you to pop along and pick something up for your late holiday or summery weekends.

Maybe you are just starting out and need an outlet for your amazing wears, or perhaps like Cheer Up Clothing you want to take your idea to a brand new audience.  Whatever your reason, if this has inspired you to manage a pop up shop, get in touch with us at Popupspace.  We can put you in touch with some excellent contacts to get you on the right track.  As well as offering our excellent location sourcing expertise that takes the hard work out of finding the right place for you, we have a whole host of other services to set you off on the right footing.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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