Charity Pop Ups Can Make a Difference

We all knew pop up shops where he way forward and the saviour of the high street, but who would have thought that they could really do some good?

Lyn Aaron-Ferringo from Worthing in Sussex has a daughter who suffers from the debilitating condition cerebral palsy.  Nine year old Zoe needed funds to be able to travel to Poland for a specialist 28 day course of physiotherapy.

The original plan was to collect and sell donated items at a car boot sale but was quickly inundated with stock and decided to take over a local empty shop.  Volunteers including friends and family, kept te shop open every day over the seven week period and eventually raised an amazing £12,000 for Zoe’s well deserved treatment.

This therapy will enable Zoe to spend time out of her chair and possibly walk on her own with support.  If you feel you would like to make a donation then check out their website

This isn’t the first time that a charity has popped up.  The PDSA has opened several pop up charity shops in the last couple of year.  Also, earlier this year chefs in Ryde opened a pop up restaurant where the firefighters from a local station waited on diners in aid of the Wessex Cancer Trust, Seeds4Change and the Firefighters Charity.  Serving local produce to hungry customers, they raised over £1,000.

If you run a charity and are looking for alternative ways of raising money and have been inspired by Lyn and her daughter’s story, maybe you could run a similar pop up event.  We are always happy to offer pop up advice where we can.  Alternatively, if you’re ready to go you can either register your shop requirements on our website or get in touch for details on our location sourcing service.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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