The Balancing Act of the High Street

A high street, town or city centre needs several factors to thrive to ensure the whole social network succeeds.

When we think of the high street we instantly imagine shops filled with food, clothes, electronic gadgets and home furnishings.  We can sometimes forget that shoppers also need other reasons to travel to these destinations.

They need doctor’s surgeries and other health care professionals.  They want to see open green spaces for their children to play in or to relax for an hour in the sunshine.  And a high street wouldn’t be complete without a few offices for people to travel to work for daily.  All of this ensures a constant foot fall, providing impulse buys that can develop into a loyal customer base.

The Revolutionary Arts company who founded the community based group in 2000, has identified this imbalance in some areas and has clearly illustrated it with this handy infographic.  They recognise that a town needs much more than shops to make people want to visit.  It needs to have things that are important to everyone to form a more rounded society.

If you have noticed an imbalance in your local high street and have been inspired to do something about it, maybe Popupspace can help make that idea a reality.  With have access to hundreds of empty spaces that need people like you who want to make a difference.  So contact us and see how you can balance your high street.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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