StartUp Britain – It Could Be You!

An entrepreneur from Henley has gained successes in the world of retail pop ups and has big ambitions to continue this achievement in her home town.

Louise Tippey has been running her own fashion business for years and, like many other self starters, was put off opening a bricks and mortar store because of the daunting financial commitments and red tape.  Earlier this year when she came across a government scheme to fund and support pop up shops she leapt at the chance and applied.

The Government Startup Britain scheme has been launched in partnership with high street giant John Lewes.  They have recognised there is a need to fill these empty spaces for the good of the community.

Louise is currently renting a space in Camberley as part of the pilot project that will run for 6 weeks.  Each shopkeeper will trade from their space for a period of 2 weeks and will then hand over their pitch to the next group, paying just £100 a week in rent.

The success of this project is clear and if similar schemes were to be rolled out across the country, the damage empty shops have would be minimised.  In Louise’s home town of Henley there will soon be 17 retail closures, with new permanent tenants becoming harder and harder to find.

This has an impact not only on the landlord’s income but also on the shops still open around them as empty retail spaces turn shoppers off visiting a town at all.  This scheme would ensure that spaces stay open while also creating an ever changing environment and more interesting and alive town and high street.

If you have been inspired by this and want to know more about running your own pop up space, get in touch with us.  You could change the face of your high street.



Sarah James, Popupspace

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