Start Up Business – It’s Within Your Grasp

Running a start up business for many people can be a daunting experience.  There are many things you need to think about, from the financial side to your legal and insurance requirements as a trader and possibly an employer.  Not to mention the amount of work that actually goes into looking for the right property.

Getting the right start up business advice is the key to your success.  Well, that and your determination and talent, but that goes without saying!  Once you have your business model and funding in place it will be time to start researching the location.

One of the main difficulties for the start up business, apart from funding, is finding the right place to open up your shop, with lease terms that are right for them.  Often small businesses find committing to a long term lease a difficult pill to swallow.  That is why the pop up shop phenomenon has become so popular.

The average start up business may not have the experience to know how their new venture will perform, particularly in the current economic climate.  So flexibility is an incredibly important factor in helping a fledgling business succeed.  Using the pop up shop method you have a base for customers to visit, to build up your brand and experience, as well as having the breathing space of knowing you’re not tied into a long term contract.

So if you’re planning your first start up business or even if you’re a seasoned retail expert, we at Popupspace have a solution for you with our expert location sourcing services that can be tailored to your specific business requirements.


Sarah James, Popupspace

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