Are you Retail Ready?

Being retail ready is not always the first thing people think of when they first embark on their new business.  This could be because their adventure all starts out as a hobby or passion and the fact that they could possibly make money from this passion often comes as a pleasant surprise.

With the ever growing, and welcomed, popularity of people taking the initiative and starting their own businesses, advice on being retail ready is being sought on a more frequent basis.

The idea of the start up business is nothing new but with the Pop Up revolution in the forefront of many people’s minds, starting your own business is easier and closer than you think.

Opening your own shop no longer needs to be a distant dream for people wanting to make something of themselves, and it’s not only for those who are already business savvy.  With Pop Up businesses this is even more important because the common ethos is to stay in control, stay independent and not be tied down to one location.  Pop Up has also become a huge learning community not to be reckoned with, producing more and more retail experts and entrepreneurs.

There are many agencies out there, several articles and books you can read on helping you to get started.  In particular the pro active Retail Ready People who are an excellent resource and invaluable network of people made up of experienced retailers and those still learning – all sharing their experiences.

They promote the same important message that anyone can do this.  Anyone with a passion can make themselves retail ready.  It is clear that the future of our high streets is in our hands and we can all make a difference.  So if you are planning your own Pop Up why not check out our website and register your interest and take the first steps to starting your own business.

Sarah James, Popupspace

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