Growing Your Business

Growing your business is important not only to you but also to the powers that be!

Lord Young has for quite some time been seen as a champion of the start ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses across the board.  About a year ago he wrote a report on the support and development small businesses needed to survive in these tough times.

A year on and he is focussing more the micro business  – which is basically a company with one to nine employees – and how these firms can be nurtured and sustained.

Lord Young considers that medium sized businesses tend to get most of the attention and ultimately funding.  But this should not be the case.  After all, many of these organisations probably started their life as a micro firm themselves.  If more of these micro firms can be supported then the economic growth of the country could be sustained.

Popupspace were honoured to be invited to the report launch at 10 Downing Street this month, along with many other organisations who are determined to help small start ups flourish.  The ideas behind the report are simple; make funding available to a wider section of the community by removing the top age cap, while also ensuring access to training and advice is readily available to all.

Follow the link if you would like to read this fascinating report, Growing your Business.  And as always, if you are looking to start your won venture as a pop up head on over to our website and list a requirement.   We believe pop ups are one of the best ways to start a new business venture but also a unique way to continue one, giving you the flexibility a new start up business needs.  So take the plunge – you never know where it might take you in the future!


Sarah James, Popupspace

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