Your Pop Up Location

Your Pop Up location is more important than you think.  We are all familiar with the phrase, ‘Location, location, location’ and the fact that where you are in the country is quite often more significant than the property you are in.  Pop Up Shops are no different to residential locations in that respect.
The internet has certainly played a huge part in that.  Shoppers want to be able to find what they are looking for instantly.  This is why choosing your pop up location is something that should be given a huge amount of thought.

When choosing the location of your Pop Up there are several factors that should be taken into account.  On a practical note, your shop should be easily accessible to you, especially when travel costs such as fuel or public transport should be included in your budgeting.

An obvious place to look is the high street.  It’s already a destination for shoppers and would, in theory, provide instant passing trade.  Due to the stresses on the economy several retail shops that had previously been occupied for years, have become abruptly vacant.  Many of these spaces have been large in area, like the Woolworth’s locations, and have therefore stayed empty for long periods.

It is many of these empty shops that have become home to temporary occupiers and a popular answer to many pop up location quandaries.  But another location idea that is often overlooked and an alternative to a bricks and mortar store, is to use an outdoor space like a park or pedestrianised street.  Many local councils are keen to discuss these options with Pop Ups and this is where Popupspace come in.

So if you are embarking on your first enterprise or you are a seasoned Temporary Shop keeper, wherever you are in the country, why not take advantage of our pop up location sourcing service where we take all the hard work out of your search.

Sarah James, Popupspace

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