Housing minister urges town centres to use pop up shops

Mark Prisk, Minister for Housing, has urged Town Teams to use pop up shops to boost flagging high streets. Showcasing the Government’s first pop up shop within the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) office building in London, Mr Prisk said: “I’m able to stand tall and proud and say we’ve done it and so can you.”

DCLG has been working for some time to revitalise our flagging high streets, funding Town Teams following the Portas Review. Mr Prisk now expects pop-up shops to help with the revitalization of town centres, but believes the main barrier is likely to be property owners. “Landlords will need to move away from conventional blue chip chains”, he said.

Here at Popupspace we’ve negotiated hundreds of pop up lease deals since we started out back in 2008. As property agents we do understand the concerns of landlords as well as the opportunities pop up leasing can offer tenants. Although we’ve seen landlord confidence in the pop up concept grow over the past couple of years, there is still progress to be made and we are delighted that the Government is supporting the UK’s fledgling pop up industry.

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