Pop up shop for entrepreneurs

Department for Communities and Local Government HQThe Department for Communities and Local Government has today opened a pop up shop offering low rent retail space to up and coming businesses. The shop is based in their headquarters near to Victoria station in London.

Every two weeks, six different new business start ups will move in, sharing costs and offering their products to the public. Ministers hope that the scheme will provide a blueprint for using empty floorspace in town centres across Britain.

Popupspace attended the launch event and announced a forthcoming partnership with PopUp Britain, who are managing the space. Together we will offer property consultancy services to town teams, local authorities, landlords and entrepreneurs, enabling similar schemes to pop up all over the UK.

Communities secretary Eric Pickles said: “We are absolutely determined to support the high street and we know pop-ups are a great way to bring empty shops back to life and get new businesses going.

It will also showcase how we can unleash more of our best and brightest young entrepreneurs onto the country’s high streets.”

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