Selkirk top of the pops

SelkirkSelkirk is the latest town to utilise the pop up shop to aid the regeneration of their high street. The Chamber of Trade plans to create four pop up shops in Market Place and High Street that are available to let for a day, week or a month at a time.

“The Chamber of Trade realised the town needed a lift and a freshness,” explained Stuart Davidson, an Architectural Technologist whose practice is in the town. “We’ve got a few empty shops, and we saw pop-up shops working in Stirling and East Kilbride, and thought: why not here? Pop-up shops are there for anyone to use for half a day, up to a week,” he added. “It gives businesses flexibility, by not having to fix themselves to premises or a long-term lease.”

An application for funding has been submitted for 75% of the £20,000 required to refurbish the shops and to employ a part time administrator and the group is hoping to to secure the rest of the funding from other funding bodies such as Awards for All and the Selkirk Common Good Fund. Should the funding be received they are hoping to open the first pop up shop in Spring 2013.

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