Resident Evil 6 human flesh pop up shop

resident evilOpen for just two days, the world’s first pop-up human butchery and morgue was at Smithfields Meat Market in the run up to the launch of Resident Evil 6. Fans of the game were treated to a glimpse into the gory world of Wesker & Son, the fictional butcher, and were invited to sample and purchase a vast array of edible human limbs which include hands, feet and a human  head. All proceeds from the shop were donated to the Limbless Association, which provides information and support to those who have lost limbs.

In addition fans were invited to attend two days of lectures at St Bartholomews Hospital Pathology Museum, which were designed to explore some of the themes in the game and their links to real life. Dr Morgaine Gayea, Food Futurologist, and Professor John Oxford, Virologist, discussed both future trends in meat consumption and viruses – including whether the game’s famous C-Virus could ever become reality.

Adam Merrett, UK PR Manager for Capcom stated: “We, at Capcom, are thrilled to be bringing Wesker & Sons to Smithfields. If the C-Virus was to become a reality, there would be No Hope Left in the world, and some want to create the scare and tension that fans and new players will experience in Resident Evil 6 into the real world.”

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