Mary Portas back in Margate

kiss me quickMary Portas has been back in Margate to open two shops in the Kent seaside town that she is using her experience to help regenerate. Chosen as one of the 27 Portas Pilots, Margate has received funding from the government to help regenerate their high streets.

The first shop opened was ‘Kiss Me Quick’ located on the seafront has been described as “Margate’s most important souvenir shop”, while ‘Poportunity’ is located on the High Street and allows local entrepreneurs to trade for just £35 per week. The shop will mainly retail arts, crafts, handmade clothing, furniture and photography.

In support of the regeneration of the area, Southeastern Services are offering a special £10 return ticket for rail travel from London to Margate during the winter to encourage more visitors.

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