The Original Factory Shop pop up

The Original Factory ShopThe Original Factory Shop has picked Hull as a perfect place to open its first pop up shop. The company which has more then 183 branches in the UK will open in the Princes Quay shopping centre.
Having invested £400,000 in the 16 week let, the shop will create a minimum of 15 jobs for local people. Marketing Director Colin Leggatt said: “Our usual model is to go into small towns but this gives us a new opportunity. This site is our first city centre shopping centre and it has by far the biggest footfall passing through the door.”
Chief Executive of The Original Factory Shop, Angela Spindler, said “This is a perfect opportunity to be in a high-footfall location and see just how big we can go and how successful we can be. If we achieve the sales we think we can, we may do it again – this is a nice way of growing the business.”
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