The Retail Trust

Retail TrustBrighton and Hove 16 – 25 year olds will be some of the first to be given the chance to start up their own pop up shops as they embark on their first steps to a career in retail.   Teaming up with vInspired and empty shop pioneer Dan Thompson, the trust has created a workshop featuring ten pop up shops in ten different locations countrywide.

Recruiting is happening now and applications must be in by the end of August, with the shop proposed to open for a month from November 3rd.  Presently no site in the popular seaside city has been chosen, with the trust looking to target an area that is struggling and losing footfall in the hope that this will help to revive the location for the benefit of local businesses.

Empty Shops Network founder Dan Thompson said he chose Brighton because of its range of trendy, independent shops. He said: “This project will absolutely leave a legacy, we will leave behind 30 young people fired up with the opportunity to not just start in a minimum wage job but who could open their own shop. We have been going for 12 years and we are gathering more and more evidence that town centres need to offer something more.”

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