Art below

Art Below is an innovative pop up art gallery that makes use of the poster space in tube stations and on billboards. Exhibiting the works of over 60 artists in 20 stations throughout London’s underground in June for the 5th year running.

The mission of the project is to enrich the everyday life of the traveling public where in the region of two million people a day pass through.

Art Below run an ongoing creative membership program where benefits include being able to choose exactly what London tube station you would like to have your work displayed in and for how long. “We play host to a rich and diverse portfolio of talent, including leading illustrator Jon Burgerman, 3D Artist Jeffrey Robb, and the world’s number one street artist Banksy. We also support new emerging talent and most recently exhibited work by the 20 finalists of The Saatchi Gallery’s New Sensations across the whole length of a Regent’s Park platform” stated Ben Moore the driving force behind the project.

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