Pop ups are good for small business, says ICEAW

Opening pop up shops can be an excellent strategy for retailers looking to innovate in uncertain times, says the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. The report from ICAEW examines some of the advantages of pop up leasing to retailers, especially to new and independent businesses.  Clive Lewis, Head of Enterprise for ICAEW, explains:

“For small businesses in particular pop ups make commercial sense, allowing them to try out new locations or formats without committing to an expensive permanent outlet.  With more units standing empty, retailers are in a stronger position to get cheaper letting rates and landlords are also desperate to fill space.”

The report, which mentions recent pop up enterprises by brand Marmite and garden centre Notcutts, concludes that “advances in technology mean setting up and operating a pop up is now much simpler and does not require a high level of capital.”

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